Why supporting local matters

What makes a city unique? Or a neighborhood? Or maybe just one specific block?

At Ten Space, we believe that the character of place is defined by its authenticity. People fall in love with places that are unique, providing experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. And while some of this authenticity is in a place’s physical beauty or architecture, we believe that local businesses are truly what gives a city its distinctive flavor.

That’s why we don’t just support local, we cultivate it. Part of our mission is to create people-centric communities, and that starts with—you guessed it—the people. It’s the risk takers who want to open a restaurant, or an art gallery, or a fitness studio that we work so hard to foster and grow into Downtown Stockton.

Sure, we all have our favorite chain stores, too. But the truly remarkable cities and neighborhoods of the world are not defined by national retailers or big box stores: they’re defined by enterprising individuals who decided to invest in their own community.

And there’s real economic benefits to supporting local, too. When Ten Space brings in a family owned business, the majority of their success stays in Stockton. Local businesses purchase food locally, hire local contractors, utilize local marketing agencies, and so on. In contrast, national companies take most of their revenue back to wherever they are headquartered. Supporting local isn’t just good for authenticity: it’s good for the economy.

Downtown Stockton’s comeback is real and it’s being led from the ground up. We’re proud to rely on the vision and passion of others in helping to bring vibrancy back to our core. Without grassroots support from those bold enough to join us downtown, we wouldn’t be here today.