The Open Window Project wins Award of Excellence in Urban Design

When Ten Space set out to create a plan for Downtown Stockton three years ago, we had one goal: weave innovative urban design principles into the existing fabric of our historic downtown to create a vibrant, walkable, and inclusive urban core. In May, this vision was recognized in a big way.

Ten Space is honored and humbled to announce that the Open Window Project has been selected for the American Planning Association’s Award of Excellence in Urban Design for the entire Sacramento Valley Section.

While our concept is straightforward, the work we put into the comprehensive Master Development Plan for the Open Window Project was not. We spent countless hours poring over the smallest details to ensure that our project brings out the best in Downtown Stockton. We do not simply want a Master Development Plan that is good enough for Stockton: our goal is to create a plan that would be the envy of any city, and we are grateful that the APA SVS has recognized our hard work and ingenuity with their award.

The Award of Excellence in Urban Design is given to projects that exemplify core urban planning principles and create a true sense of place. The Open Window Project achieves this and more, combining active street-level design, urban greening components, and a variety of building and housing options to create a diverse tapestry within our downtown built environment.

And while we are truly honored by this accolade, we are not resting on our laurels. Awards are great, but the true validation of our vision will come when the principles and ideas in the Open Window Project are brought to reality. That’s why we continue to work fervently with our architects, engineers, and other partners on the first phase of our project. Stay tuned, Stockton: The best is yet to come.


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