Ten Space presents: Momentum 2016

Downtown Stockton’s walls are about to get a lot more colorful.

A community’s revitalization is often led by the creative class, those who can take blight and envision something real and innovative. At Ten Space, we are committed to providing a platform to those bold enough to create in Stockton, and to that end, we are excited to announce a transformative art project in our city’s core.

Ten Space has teamed up with Placeholder Magazine and the Stockton Arts Commission to bring you Momentum: a weeklong, live, open-air gallery. Over the course of one week in late April, ten muralists will transform blank, uninspiring walls into life sized works of thought-provoking art.

Stockton has a growing, exciting arts and culture scene and Momentum is meant to harness this energy into a catalytic event for downtown. We’re bringing together Stockton’s best artists to work alongside some of California’s most renowned muralists. The goal is twofold: provide a canvass for Stockton’s own talent while showing the rest of the state and country that Stockton is a place where the arts are not only present, but thriving.

We encourage you to come check out and support the artists in action. For more information, visit www.momentumstockton.com and follow the event on Instagram @momentum_stk

3 responses to “Ten Space presents: Momentum 2016

  1. It is very cool to see not just my hometown, but my side of Stockton get a colorful makeover. Long overdue in my opinion. The only thing that concerns me is clean up the neighborhood, not gentrification of the locals. Similar things happened to the poor of bay area cities when I lived in San Francisco. Saw them clean up the neighborhoods, street beautification, but the ppl who lived there for generations could no longer afford to live in the new fancy neighborhoods. Anyways, all for bright, colorful murals in downtown Stockton any day!

  2. I wonder if you could publish on your website bios and CVs or resumes of the artists and their work. It would be interesting to know who they are and a little bit about other projects they have worked on. Thanks for your mural project!

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