The Open Window Project wins Award of Excellence in Urban Design

When Ten Space set out to create a plan for Downtown Stockton three years ago, we had one goal: weave innovative urban design principles into the existing fabric of our historic downtown to create a vibrant, walkable, and inclusive urban core. In May, this vision was recognized in a big way. Ten Space is honored … Continued

By Elizabeth Stevens Central Valley Business Journal Now that Stockton’s bankruptcy is resolved, and the economy is shifting out of neutral, community leaders are starting to think about the future. Ten Space, a development company formerly known as the Cort Group, has set its sights on revitalizing the eastern part of downtown Stockton. On March … Continued

The Record By Roger Phillips Record Staff Writer Mar. 21, 2015 STOCKTON — On a June morning more than nine months ago, Stockton officials led 50 developers through three decrepit and long-shuttered city-owned downtown hotels, hoping someone would be sufficiently inspired by a vision of urban restoration to dig into their pockets and back up their … Continued