Ten|Space is at the forefront of a new type of real estate development. By combining investment in real estate with investment in people and local economies, we craft complete-community building strategies. Ten|Space reinvigorates existing urban areas by creating pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods with retail, entertainment and commerce where individuals can live and work. By deploying sustainable building practices through the rehabilitation of existing structures and construction of new mixed-uses buildings, Ten|Space transforms and enlivens neighborhoods from the ground up. It is from this investment in people and place that Ten|Space derives it's community driven, people-centric real estate development philosophy and approach.


Cities across the United States as well as globally, are experiencing tremendous growth and investment in their downtowns and existing neighborhoods. The movement to reverse decades of car centric planning and suburban sprawl is well underway. These efforts are much needed as we move towards a lifestyle of walking, biking and enhanced transportation options and away from car dependency.


Since the mid 20th century, the proliferation of the automobile and the explosive growth of the highway system enabled workers to commute to and from their downtown offices and sprawling, suburban homes with ease, diminishing the benefits of living in the core of the city. Coupled with the disinvestment of numerous industries from city centers, we experienced a major decline in America’s Main Streets. Small businesses also vacated the city center while big box shopping centers sprung up near freeway exits and expansive, car dominated roads.


Ten|Space acquires, develops, leases, and sells commercial and multifamily residential real estate in urban areas. Our services are available to the public, businesses, and investors alike.


Lease a Space

For your retail, restaurant, office, creative or light manufacturing needs we are able to provide spaces for rent ranging from 400 square feet to 400,000 square feet. Ten|Space will work with you; the business owner, the professional, the creative to provide the best space to ensure successful and fruitful operations. We offer build to suit, modern spaces for your exact needs. Commercial spaces are available for lease as well as for sale.


Design and Build

Ten|Space prides itself on meticulous, detail oriented, and impeccably executed construction work. The work is evident in our retail, office, and residential developments. Ten|Space construction services are available to the commercial property owner, tenant, or investor.


Build to Suit

Need modern, fresh new offices for your company? A restaurant space designed and leased to you meeting your exact specifications? We can do that. Ten|Space offers build to suit commercial, office, and retail for lease.


Sustainable Urban Planning

We work with local city planners and officials to develop smart growth plans and urban boundaries that will increase. Interdisciplinary approach to creating active, thriving, urban cores. Bike, pedestrian friendly, active urban street scape promoting safety and community.

Mixed Use Development

Ten|Space constructs buildings with active ground floors uses such as flex office space, retail, restaurant, workshop, or other creative uses. To maximize the use of land, we build office space or residential above the ground floor in many cases.

Architectural Design Excellence

Ten|Space works with architects and designers to create striking new structures and tastefully renovated historic buildings, for retail, office, creative, and residential uses. It is this well designed and meticulously executed construction of spaces that captivates retail patrons, inspires creative office environments, and makes for proud residents.

Local Economy Stimulators

We promote and support the creation of locally owned and established business ranging from cafes, boutiques, galleries, bars, and restaurants to industries such as entrepreneurship, technology, artisanal producers and local makers.

Community Catalysts

Ten|Space works with local residents to assemble the building blocks of a community. Many times, the essential pillars of community already exist, but it takes a concerted effort to tie them together. Through the development of buildings and places as well as the investment of time and resources into advancing community well-being, we craft complete, vibrant neighborhoods from the ground up.


Zac Cort

President and Chief Executive Officer

Zac's calling is community-driven real estate development. Zac Cort is a Stockton native with deep roots in the East Bay of San Francisco. Growing up he lived in the Northern California cities of both Berkeley and Stockton. In his formative years, Zac paid close attention to the evolving landscape of Downtown Stockton in relation to the East Bay and other cities. After completing a Business Management degree at CSU Dominguez Hills, Zac began a career in banking and finance, excelling through the ranks with Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns. His interest in residential and commercial real estate led him in an entrepreneurial direction, and he launched his own development company in 2006.

In 2012, Zac's vision centered on Downtown Stockton, and he had a clear goal in mind: catalyze the rebirth of the city via a strong, self-sustaining urban core. The transformation of underutilized structures with modern elements and the new construction of mixed-use buildings would be the guiding principles of his approach. A leader and an innovator, Zac’s foresight into the future of cities, combined with his finance and banking experience, gives him the necessary tools to make Ten|Space a front runner in progressive community-driven real estate development.

David Garcia

Chief Operating Officer

David knows a promising city when he sees it. David Garcia was born and raised in Stockton. After receiving his Bachelor's from UCLA, David relocated to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies, where he received his Master's degree. While living in Baltimore, David drew many connections between the city and his hometown. With so many attributes in common, how had Stockton missed the downtown renaissance that Baltimore and other urban centers had experienced? David accepted a job in Washington D.C., where he considered this question in greater detail.

In March of 2012, he created Stockton City Limits (SCL), a blog dedicated to growth, development, and urbanism. After establishing a connection with Ten|Space through SCL, David realized that they shared a similar vision for downtown spaces. David returned to his hometown to put ideas into action. David adds an essential voice to the dialog about smart growth. In his role at Ten|Space, he focuses closely on the mechanics of functional cities, blending his background in public policy with real-world experience in established urban centers.

Sharlene McLemore

Property Manager

Sharlene McLemore is no stranger to Downtown Stockton. She’s been working in the neighborhood in some capacity for nearly 20 years as an administrative professional and property manager. Through the years, Sharlene had a front row seat to the evolution of downtown. And even through the rough times, the boarded up shops and abandoned streets, Sharlene stood by Downtown Stockton, committed to the heart of this city. And without determined individuals such as Sharlene, downtown would not be anywhere near as vibrant as it is today. Sharlene has been at the forefront with Ten Space, helping to lead downtown’s transformation from the ground up. Her invaluable experience and tenacity are vital to the team and to the continued ascent of our city's core.

Erik Johansson

Media Director

Erik Johansson will take your photo, no questions asked. On any given day, you can catch Ten Space’s Media Director photographing a raw warehouse space, a pop up art event, or a scenic skyline vista. Capturing beautiful and sincere moments is what drives Erik, and downtown is full of those moments. It’s that creative energy that makes Erik the perfect fit for a company committed to the revival of an authentic urban core. At Ten Space, Erik is in charge of capturing the company’s innovative vision and sharing that vision with the community through various platforms. A company's public face should reflect its core beliefs, and it takes a talented individual like Erik to ensure those beliefs permeate through all facets of Ten Space's branding and marketing.

Pete / Martin


Pete Johnson is the man that makes Ten Space properties work. With over 20 years experience in rehabbing buildings, Pete is responsible for implementing our company’s vision for retail and office tenants, coordinating and completing everything from demolition to floors to tile and other finish work. And right alongside Pete is Martin Lopez, Ten Space’s jack of all trades. Martin ensures that our tenants are properly taken care of by quickly responding to building maintenance. Together, Pete and Martin keep our spaces running smoothly.


Please submit a letter of interest and a resumé for current opportunities or future consideration.


110 N San Joaquin St Floor 5
Stockton, CA 95202
Tim's eyes were fixed on Stockton's horizon

A tribute to Tim

Tim's eyes were fixed on Stockton's horizon, and it seemed to rush forward in his presence.

When he discussed his ideas, the city’s future appeared with perfect clarity. It could be seen and felt. For the first time in years, it could be believed. He was kinetic, fueled by the energy of his community and eager to build upon it until, as he stated, "a critical mass for real transformation" could be achieved.

He assumed the role of catalyst willingly and encouraged others to do the same, emphasizing that collaboration is vital to renewal. He believed that people have the ability and the responsibility to shape their surroundings; to build an environment that sustains and inspires its population.

Tim will be acutely missed by all who were swept up in his immense passion and left in awe of his vision and drive. But the plans that he laid will serve as the foundation for his legacy: a future that we all have a hand in building.